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The Complete Career Fair Guide for Employers

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Woman and man looking at job fair board

What is the Purpose of a Career Expo?

After almost 2 years of only virtual recruiting, you may be wondering why you should invest in career fairs again. Job fairs are a valuable recruiting tool not to be overlooked, especially as 2022 is expected to keep the Great Resignation trend.

Exposure to Qualified Candidates

Many career fairs are tailored to specific industries, providing a more qualified candidate pool. Getting in front of qualified candidates can save time and money during the hiring process.

Grow Young Talent

Career fairs in partnership with local colleges and universities provide opportunities to engage with students before they graduate. Internships and co-ops for undergraduates can be used to recruit top talent early.

Create a Personal Connection

While competing with other employers for top talent, a personal connection can separate your company from the rest. A friendly face or shared connection can make all the difference for job seekers and hiring managers which cannot as easily be achieved virtually.

Career Fair Materials for Employers

Want to run the best job fair booth? Or at least do better than Michael Scott did? Here is your supply list of all the booth essentials to ensure success.

Table Covers - Widely available in a variety of colors, sizes, and imprint options. Find out from event organizers the quantity and dimensions of provided tables. Most tables come in standard sizes, allowing for repeated use of table covers over many events and functions.

Signs & Banners - The primary goals of career fair signs or banners are to capture attention, draw visitors to the booth, and inform potential recruits about your company. When deciding the details of booth signage, think of the audience you are trying to recruit and what design & messaging will attract them while still being true to your brand.

Representative Apparel - The size of your booth and breadth of your recruiting efforts will determine the amount of company representatives present at a career fair. Whether there are two or ten representatives, custom branded apparel is a must have. Logo apparel creates clarity for job fair attendees and enhances brand recognition beyond the event.

Lanyards - Depending on the organizers of the event, lanyards may be provided to hold name badges and guarantee entrance to the event. If you have the option, you can wear company branded lanyards to distinguish company representatives at the event.

High Use Custom Giveaway Items

Looking for giveaway items that are going to make a daily impression? Look no further! These daily use items are affordable, functional, and stylish.

kaystack custom print item with keys

KeyStack Lite

Make a daily impression on recruits with a sleek key organizer available with full color custom imprint. This device's slim profile and reasonable price make for an easy bulk giveaway item.

orange tote bag with marathon print on the front

Grande Tote

Reusable totes have been a giveaway staple for years but you can never have too much of a good thing. This high quality tote with reinforced bottom provides a sustainable giveaway option to replace single use plastic bags.

smart phone with clutch card holder and holding strap

Clutch: Security Strap & Cardholder

Daily impressions not enough for you? Consider an item used throughout the day, this phone security strap and cardholder. Available with totally customizable full color imprinting, the Clutch adheres to the back of any phone or case.

custom mug with cork bottom. white logo printed on side

Cork Mug

A drinkware giveaway under $10 per item, this ceramic mug with a cork base comes in four neutral colors to pair with your branding. The protective cork with the spill-resistant lid design will make this a new favorite of prospective new hires.

Unique Promotional Giveaway Items

Promotional products get a bad reputation when everyone tries to make an impact with a couple pens with a company logo. When every advantage helps in hiring top qualified candidates, unique giveaway items can help make a strong impression and promote brand identity.

wooden bottle opener with laser engraved logo

Wood Bottle Opener

Thinking of hosting a recruitment mixer? Whatever you're drinking, this stunning opener has you covered. This item is made of real wood with the grain, color, and texture varying in every piece.

red popcorn popper overflowing with popcorn and logo print

Pop Star Mini Popper

The mini popper is a sustainable alternative to single use, prepackaged microwave popcorn bags. Ideal for a collegiate career fair to recruit Gen-Z candidates who could get a lot of use of the mini popper during dorm room movie marathons.

full color custom puzzle mostly assembled

Jigsaw Puzzle

Puzzles have jumped in popularity over the last 2 years and provide recruiters with a large full color fully customizable surface to put their message onto. Low minimums allow for customization based on target demographics like city, university, or job field.

grey ball cap made of recycled materials with embroidered logo on front

Recycled Cap

There are approximately 1.2 recycled plastic bottles in each cap! Hats can act as great giveaway items because they turn into walking billboards for your brand. If you don't get the recruit, at least you've increased brand exposure.

High End Branded Giveaway Items

High end giveaway items can be used at a career fair booth with a prize wheel or raffle to create an interactive element that draws recruits to your booth. High end promotional products can also be used in recruiting executive level hires.

three stainless steel cups with laser engraved logos

Aviana™ Dallas To-Go Cup

Made of durable double-walled stainless steel and available in three sleek colors, this to-go cup can elevate your brand with recruits.

blanket with spotlight on logo embroidered in corner

Slowtide Throw Blanket

Slowtide is a premium brand of blankets made with sustainable materials. This throw blanket is a 100% sustainably grown cotton Turkish towel, the perfect grab-and-go solution for any destination. Pretty enough to use as a throw, but practical enough to use as a beach blanket.

cooler reminiscent of golf bag with insulated interior

Golf Cooler Bag

A unique item that is sure to attract attention is this custom golf cooler bag which holds up to six cans with additional zippered pockets. This makes a great raffle prizes to draw job fair attendees and potential recruits into your booth.

wireless speaker with holographic logo on front

Snow Globe Wireless Speaker

With LED lights that move to the music, this wireless speaker delivers on style and substance. Wireless speakers and other pieces of promotional tech stand out for their fun and functionality.

Next Steps

Businesses across the country are struggling to acquire top talent and fill open positions. Luckily career fair season is quickly approaching, but don't be caught without a plan! If you want to simplify the process, we are experts in promotional materials and custom branded merchandise.

NOTE: Be aware there have been delays in shipping and inventory shortages across the industry due to Covid-19. The earlier you can begin the process with us the better we can navigate any uncertainties and ensure your order arrives with no stress.

Let's work together to recruit the top career fair talent!

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