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Approving Artwork Disclaimer and Important Ordering Policies

By approving the attached Artwork Proof, you understand and agree to the following:

  1. If any of the artwork on the Artwork Proof is unclear, do NOT approve the proof and let us know.  We will gladly send you a larger version or make revisions.                                                                                                                       

  2. PromoSpark is NOT responsible for any setback in production or shipping caused by a delay in receiving artwork approval, shipping address, final sizes/quantity or payment information.                                                                        

  3. Unless otherwise agreed upon; re-orders must be at least 12 items for screen printed and embroidered apparel and pricing will be based on the re-order quantity, not the initial order quantity.  Re-orders must consist of the exact design of initial order.  Re-orders may or may not deliver at the same time as initial order.  Re-orders are not always possible.  Contact us for re-orders on promotional products as it varies for each item.  

  4. Once order is sent into production, changes may not be possible or may cause a delay in production.  Please contact your account executive for details.

  5. You have double-checked all information on the Artwork Proof: item, item color, imprint color, imprint size, imprint location, SPELLING and all aspects of design are accurate. 

  6. PromoSpark is NOT responsible for any errors discovered after the product is printed if the errors were contained in the final approved Artwork Proof. 

  7. Item, item color, ink color and artwork size are NOT exact or to scale.  This is our closest representation to give you a general idea of the actual product you will receive.  Refer to design details on the Artwork Proof for exact design sizing.                                                                                                                                                                           

  8. PromoSpark is not liable for any variances between the colors and graphics displayed on your monitor and the completed product you receive.

  9. Apparel Orders Only: Your design is sized to fit the smallest item within your order.  The actual print may differ from these representations on larger sized items within your order.  If you would like the design size to be proportionate for every different sized item of your order there is a $15.00 charge per color, per location for each different item size.                                                                                                                                                                    

  10. Apparel Orders Only: If design contains an actual photograph or halftones, final print result will vary (similar to newspaper print – essentially thousands of small dots make up the design).  



If you are at all concerned about the actual product color (due to variances in computer monitors)
or product fit, PLEASE let us know prior to ordering.  We are more than happy to
send you a sample of the product or a swatch chart so you can see the exact product and/or color.

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