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  • Madeline Haney

Employee Retention: How to Reduce Employee Turnover

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

According to a recent survey by Future Forum, burnout is still on the rise globally, with 42% of the workforce reporting it. Read that again. Nearly half of all workers feel burnout in their current positions. If your business hasn't implemented an employee retention plan yet, now is the time to start.

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A Resume Builder survey, lists the top four explanations given as to why Americans are resigning from their jobs as follows:

  1. Seeking better pay and benefits

  2. To start my own business

  3. Want to find remote work

  4. To find a job I am more passionate about

While your company may not be in the position to raise wages or offer remote work, you can make the work atmosphere more engaging and ignite passion for the job. Below are some actionable ideas to improve moral and boost employee engagement.

Create Opportunities for Camaraderie

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Employee happiness is tied to their relationship with co-workers. Management can facilitate these bonds by creating situations in which your team can work together cooperatively. Some event ideas that can happen in-person or virtually include: Happy Hour, Game Night, or an Escape Room.

Outwardly Praise Achievements

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Whether in a meeting, email, or company newsletter, make a concerted effort to vocally praise and show appreciation for your employees’ achievements from the past year in front of the office. Need inspiration? Consider creating a Year In Review presentation of one major success of everyone in your department. Employee awards are another way to show recognition.

Create Professional Development Plans

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Show your employees you want to invest in their professional growth. Set up one-on-one meetings to manage and establish goals. Ask what you can do as their manager or supervisor to facilitate growth. Follow up by giving them the resources required to achieve their goals such as online courses or conferences.

Give Gifts & Benefits

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As we are approaching the end of the year, the gift giving season is upon us. When giving an employee appreciation gift use the same principles you would in personal gift giving. Choose a gift that is personal, useful, and something they wouldn't buy for themselves. There are more options than ever in gifting including physical objects, experiences, gift codes, or additional workplace benefits.

Next Steps

Looking for a partner to help establish an employee recognition program? We can help with everything from end-of-year gifts to a branded employee rewards webstore that can operate year round.

Let's work together to eliminate turnover by recognizing your team's accomplishments!

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Want to learn about corporate Gift Giving?

Keep checking in throughout the season as we will be publishing more Gift Giving content to make the most of your HR and marketing dollars. We recently posted about Employee Appreciation Gifts with No Minimums and Employee Gift Ideas for Every Budget.

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