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  • Madeline Haney

Onboarding Guide for Managers

Updated: May 10, 2022

Those first few weeks of a new position will establish the future of new hires in your organization. Onboarding is the process by which new employees are trained and welcomed into their new positions. It is an often overlooked step but a crucial one. As reported by Sapling, Great employee onboarding can improve retention by 82%.

Business meeting with welcoming handshake

The Importance of an Official Onboarding

Help New Hires get Acclimated to Organization

Use the employee onboarding process to familiarize your new hires with the company values and organizational structure. For in-person offices, walk them around to meet the team. If the company is still virtual, host a quick video meet and greet to introduce the new hire.

Make Employees Feel Part of the Team

Don't assume camaraderie and mentorships will happen on their own. Instead, make a concerted effort to include new hires in the company culture through an assigned buddy or mentor. Not only does this help the new employee form a bond with their coworkers, but it can help existing employees get out of a rut or burnout.

Increase Productivity with Training and Access to Resources

A Bamboo HR survey found that 76 Percent of New Employees Want On-the-Job Training. Thorough and interactive training helps new employees understand their job duties and get up to speed. Provide a list of resources so new hires can save time and energy in finding answers to their questions.

Improve Recruitment through Employee Referrals

The best recruiting tool is leveraging your current employees' connections. A great onboarding experience makes new hires more inclined to recommend your company to their social circle as a great place to work.

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Benefits of an Onboarding Kit with Employee Swag

Bolster Employee Engagement

A welcome kit can help establish a new hire's mindset and motivation. An inspirational quote inside a notebook, a t-shirt with the company motto, or a video from the CEO are examples of messaging within an onboarding kit that can inspire and engage new hires on day one.

Connect with Employees who WFH or Flex

For out of office workers, having the proper tools for the job is crucial in feeling confident in their ability to do the job. An onboarding kit with functional and fun items is a great way to engage work from home or flex employees who might otherwise miss out on the company culture and office atmosphere.

Maintain a Consistent Brand Identity

In terms of internal marketing, an onboarding kit could likely be your employee's first interaction with the company brand. Presenting a clear brand identity from day one means there will be better brand advocacy as your new hires become brand ambassadors.

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What to Include in your Onboarding Kit