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  • Madeline Haney

2023 Trends: Corporate Branding Examples

New Year, New Trends! Spark new life into your corporate branding by taking a cue from upcoming consumer trends. To help get your brand ahead of the curve, we are breaking down Pinterest's recently released 2023 trends report.

Why should we pay attention to their trending list? Because they report that "for the last three years, 80% of our report predictions came true".

Let's take a look at some examples of how these emerging consumer trends can be utilized in your corporate branding and marketing efforts!


Pool Pawties

It's no surprise that people love their pets. This year Pinterest predicts a growth of pet parties, specifically dog pool parties. We've written about great branded dog merch before, but now we're showcasing everything needed for an office paw-ty.

branded rainbow sprinkler, foam cannon, dog with bandana, small pop up tent

Having pets in the office can boost happiness, relieve anxiety or stress, and supports more social interaction. For minimal cost and effort, an afternoon pet party can improve employee engagement as well as provide fun branding opportunities. Anything can be branded from gift bag swag like dog bandanas and can coolers to interactive items like sprinklers and lawn games.

A company dog pool party is the perfect social media moment. Other pet swag ideas:

  • Partner with a local pet adoption agency and give away a branded pet basics kit

  • Add company pet merch to your online company store program

  • Recognize the best work from home co-workers as part of a new hire kit


Primal Movement

The New Year often brings health initiatives and fitness challenges to the workplace. This year, make your wellness program more inclusive and fun with a focus on connecting the mind and body through yoga and mobility exercises. Pinterest predicts "Fitness is getting back to basics in 2023".

logo yoga kit, foam roller, meditation journal, and a woman doing yoga

Whether working from home or the office, hours at the desk makes it easy to develop poor posture. Encourage employee self care by providing the tools to tackle some functional stretches and mobility exercises.

Consider this trend when planning your corporate gifting throughout the year. Great applications include:

  • Offer as redeemable prizes combined with an employee wellness program

  • Use as part of a TikTok or Instagram giveaway to grow your social media following

  • Give to executives, top sellers, and other top performers on a corporate retreat


Free Spirits

Non-alcoholic beverages are having a moment. Follow this trend in your office happy hours by offering an elevated mocktail in addition to the alcoholic beverages. A mocktail provides a thoughtful alternative for everyone under 21, nursing mothers, those who don't drink alcohol at all, or those just not in the mood.

company cocktail kit, unique ice mold, hands cheering with drinks

Presentation is just as important as the drink itself with Pinterest trends suggesting consumers are looking for 'Fancy' & 'Creative' cocktail and mocktail ideas. From everyday drinks to special occasions, put your brand in their hand and on top of mind.

Consider embracing this trend for all your office happy hours and client functions:

  • Send cocktail kits to virtual happy hour attendees with a nonalcoholic alternative

  • Host an industry networking event with a unique ice cube mold giveaway

  • Create a recurring video series making cocktails while discussing your company, product, industry, etc.


Next Steps

Predicting upcoming trends is no easy feat. Luckily Pinterest gave us a quick peak into their crystal ball to discover what will be trending this year. And why should you apply these consumer trends to your business? Even if you are B2B, business is ultimately made up of people. From employees to clients, create connection by engaging with their interests.

Let's work together to get your branded merchandise ahead of the trends!

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