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  • Madeline Haney

Michael Scott's Guide to Custom Company Merch

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

A beloved sitcom, The Office, can teach us a lot about friendship, co-workers, and proper workplace fire drills. One lesson worth revisiting is how to use custom promotional materials to enhance your office and help your staff succeed. We are breaking down the best and worst use of branded merchandise and promo products by the one and only Michael Scott.

The Best

Creating an engaging employee event with custom t-shirts

While Michael doesn't know the best way to prepare for a race (that's a no on the Fettuccine Alfredo), he does know that the best way to engage his employees is to get them out of the office and united around a cause. Skip the Alfredo and instead maybe organize a food drive or a community clean up.

Employee Recognition Awards

Who can forget the Scranton Chili's event of the year, The Dundies. While Michael often missed the mark in award categories, it is an important reminder to show your team that you appreciate and recognize their hard work. Employee recognition can come in the form of a trophy like a dundie or it could be an event or a nice corporate gift.

The Worst

Being underprepared to run an event booth

Oh the unlimited potential of a single sheet of paper. Unfortunately for Michael, an empty booth with one blank piece of paper was not going to catch the eye of potential summer interns. Learn from Michael's mistakes and come prepared to conferences and events with signage, lanyards, and giveaway items.

Buying too few holiday gifts

Not every office has a Toby to take the holiday gift from when there are too few to go around. Plan ahead for employee or client gifting. Not only should you make a list and check it twice, but if you are ordering custom items, you should get the order placed early. Don't let inventory and labor shortages dictate your gift giving strategy by waiting until the last minute.

Want to be the World's Best Boss?

Learn from Michael Scott and impress your employees and clients with the best custom promotional products. We are here to make you and your team look good by making the best choices for your brand.

NOTE: Be aware there have been delays in shipping and inventory shortages across the industry due to Covid-19. The earlier you can begin the process with us the better we can navigate any uncertainties and ensure your order arrives with no stress. We're committed to our values and strive to "Always Deliver".

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Have an event coming up?

We have guides for the top giveaway promotional products as well as everything you could need for corporate or non-profit events.

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