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  • Madeline Haney

Virtual Recruiting Best Practices

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Career fairs and hiring events across the country continue to be a mix of virtual and in-person events. The advantage of virtual events for the employer is the time and cost savings by not having to travel from place to place as well as the ability to cast a wider net and attend more events. But to make a virtual recruitment effort worthwhile, hiring managers need to put extra effort into making an impact during the virtual recruiting process.

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Begin Your Recruitment Strategy Early

Waiting until the last minute limits your options of prospective new hires. If you are trying to attract college students, start your recruiting efforts early in the semester and use internships as opportunities to build relationships that continue after graduation.

Promote Company Branding while Meeting with Recruits

Just as you would have a branded display at an in-person career fair, don't forget the branding at a virtual career fair. Online meeting branding options include wearing branded apparel or having a custom virtual background.

Leverage Social Media to Showcase Company Culture

Recruits will be researching your company and that starts with your organization's social media presence. Treat recruiting as you would content marketing and draw talent to your organization by posting about your company culture, events, and achievements.

Go Above & Beyond to Attract Top Talent

The current job market has employers fighting for the best recruits, stand out from the pack by going above and beyond to make an impact during the recruiting process. Consider incorporating branded giveaways into a virtual recruitment strategy.

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Virtual Recruiting Event Ideas

Keep recruits engaged during virtual meetings and info sessions by enhancing your meetings with a complimentary themed kit. An off screen activity encourages active participation, provides an icebreaker, and creates a more lasting impression.

Virtual happy hour gift set branded

Virtual Happy Hour with Cocktail Kit

Host a virtual happy hour where recruits can get to know future co-workers and managers. A cocktail kit with a branded bag and snacks not only extends a friendly welcome to recruits but reinforces brand identity.

virtual information session smores gift set with mug

The S'more you know, Information Session

Partner with a local university to provide a sweet treat to compliment a virtual information session on opportunities in your organization.

custom coloring book kit with pencils

Color Outside the Recruiting Lines

A coloring book & colored pencils kit provides the perfect interview giveaway item. Send as a follow up to top talent to differentiate your company.

Next Steps

Looking to take your virtual recruiting to the next level? Consider adding branded merchandise to your recruiting process with branded apparel and giveaway items. If you are attending an in-person career fair, check out our guide to Corporate Event Swag.

NOTE: Be aware there have been delays in shipping and inventory shortages across the industry due to Covid-19. The earlier you can begin the process with us the better we can navigate any uncertainties and ensure your order arrives with no stress.

Let's work together to acquire your new top quality candidates!

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