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Sales Department


Q: What is the minimum amount of shirts I can order?
A: Our minimum quantity is 24 pieces with the same artwork - although you can choose a variety of pieces to have that artwork printed on, like tanks, t-shirts, and jackets.

Q: What kinds of products do you carry?
A: We can put your logo on anything! For example: T-shirts, polos, hoodies, hats, totes, mugs, etc. We will work with your budget and vision to find what you’re looking for in apparel AND promo products. 

Q: What brands do you carry?
A: We work with high quality, name brands in apparel and promo products including Adidas, Eddie Bauer, Nike, Callaway, Patagonia, Tervis, Coleman, Gildan, Totes, and more.


Q: How do I place an order?
A: Email or call 1-800-319-3038. 



Shipping & Production


Q: How much is shipping?
A: Absolutely FREE standard shipping on apparel orders up to 2,499 qty, and up to a 30% discount on promo product shipping.  Expedited shipping is available upon request for an additional fee.

Q: What is your production time?
A: Standard production time is 7-9 business days + transit once we have your artwork approval, final sizes/qty, shipping address and payment information.

Q: Can you expedite my order?
A: Yes! We do offer rush production for an additional charge.  The rush fee is based on how quickly you need them as well as how many shirts are being ordered.

Q: How will I know if my order ships on time?
A: We will email you a tracking number the morning after your order ships so you can keep an eye on the package.


Q: UPS lost my package - now what?
A: We will work closely with you and UPS to make sure you get your order.  Please call us if you notice that your order hasn't arrived on time, or that the tracking information says it has been delayed.  We will reach out to UPS directly, and work with them to fix the problem.

Q: My order arrived, but the box (es) is damaged - what do I do?
A: Please reach out to us IMMEDIATELY.  We will work with you and UPS to fix this problem as quickly as possible.

Q: Can I add a shirt to my order once I've placed it?
A: You can add shirts to your order up until it is placed into production - once our production facility has the order, we can not make any changes to the goods, quantities, or artwork.

Q: My order arrived but a piece (s) is missing - what are my next steps?
A: First, we would ask you to re-count that actual pieces in the box - sometimes the numbers listed on the outside of the box are mistaken, and it is easy to miss one piece in the box.  Also, please make sure no one else has opened the box or taken their pieces out. 
Next, please reach out to us IMMEDIATELY.  There are a few steps we will take, like reaching out to our production facility, UPS, and our staff to research the problem.  We will keep in constant contact and work with you to fix it.



Invoicing & Payments


Q: What are the different payment methods available?
A: We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express), checks and purchase orders. 


Q: When will I receive my invoice?
A: You will receive your invoice the day after your order ships.  We will send you an order acknowledgement the day it is put into production as well, so you know when your order has made it to our production facility.


Q: When will my card be charged?
A: The day after your order ships we will charge your card.  However, we will pre-authorize it on the day we put it into production to make sure there are no typos or issues with the card information.  A pre-authorization will take the money out of your account for a brief period of time, and it will be put back soon after (similar to what happens when you slide your card at the gas pump).


Q: I am tax exempt - how do I have taxes removed from my invoices?
A: Please send us your tax ID number as soon as possible to have it removed before the invoice is sent out.  We also ask that you send us your tax exempt form so we can update your account for future orders.


Q: I want to be on net 30 terms, how do I go about that?
A: We offer net 30 terms to customers that qualify.  Please complete this form and send it to us to begin the process.  It can take 2-4 weeks to get approval.


Q: Can I set up ACH instead of mailing a check?
A: Please ask your salesperson about your specific circumstances - we only offer this service to customers that qualify.


Q: I gave you my credit card but you sent me a past due notice? Why?
A: We offer a payment method called "Credit Card Hold" - it gives you 10 days to send a check before the card is charged.  We will send you one past due notice before we charge the card as a reminder that the card will be charged if the check is not received.



Graphic Design


Q: How much is artwork?
We provide two hours of free design time per order or program. Additional design time is billed at $50/hr. If for any reason you decide not to proceed with your order or program after a custom artwork proof has been prepared for you, a $50 artwork fee will be charged.


Q: Will I see my design before my order is put into production?
A: Of course!  You will have a proof emailed for approval before your order is placed into production.  We will not move your order forward until we know you love it!


Q: Is there different styles of printing that can make my design look vintage or make the ink softer?
A: We have a large number of printing techniques to help you get the look and feel you want.  They vary in pricing, and the items you choose may impact which techniques can be used.  


Q: How do I care for my custom apparel to preserve the design?
A: We recommend turning the garment inside out and washing on gentle cycle.  Tumble dry.


Q: Can I change my artwork?
A: Of course! We can accommodate most all changes. Let us know what you are thinking and we can make it happen. If you change the design completely, too many time, then a design charge may apply.


Q: Can I add a color?
A: You can definitely add a color. However when adding a color, the price will increase. 


Q: When is my deadline to have everything to you?
A: If you have a delivery date, we will provide you with a date and time to have everything to us by in the first email that contains your proof. If it is a standard order, we can work at your pace. Just let us know a specific date if you will need these by so we can make sure you will have them in time.


Q: Can I do one color design on one color shirt, but change the ink on the opposite shirt color?
A: We can change the ink colors from shirt to shirt. Every time an ink color changes, it will be a $15 charge.


Q: Can I change from screen printing to embroidery?
A: Yes! You can definitely change as long as you are doing a left chest design. The pricing will however change due to changing the print method.  



Projects & Rebate Programs



Q: Do you offer company web stores and fulfillment?
A: Yes! We can host your company Webstore, manage inventory, drop ship to multiple locations, and more.


Q: I placed my order online but forgot to enter my giftcard code.  What do I do?
A: Not a problem.  Please call right away and provide us with the giftcard code - we can issue a credit to your card.  You will see the refund within 24-48 hours.


Q: I chose "pick up" as my shipping method, but missed the pickup date.  What do I do?
A: Not a problem.  We still have your order.  You can pay $6.95 and we can ship it to you or, in some cases, we may be able to arrange for pick up.


Q: I received part of my order, but not all of it.  Why?
A: Depending on your program, some items are available for shipping early (such as pre-decorated or blank items).  We may choose to ship the items that are ready to you immediately, and the other pieces will come after they have made it through production.


Q: I want to exchange or return an item - what do I do?
A: We can only accept back items that are not decorated or are unworn stock items.  If you would like to exchange or return pieces that qualify, please call us.  We will provide you a shipping label for your existing pieces.


Q: Our company is set up for a rebate program - when will that be issued?
A: We issue rebates quarterly.  We will send you a program summary and check amount at the end of each quarter, and send the check at that time.

More Questions? No Problem! 

One of our expert employees will be happy to assist you. 

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