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Virtual Events – Planning, Hosting, and Custom Gear

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Although this year has affected each of us differently, almost everyone has experienced the cancellation of a large in-person event. With events of all kinds moving to a virtual platform there seems to be more advantages than just the health benefits.

Virtual events can save money and reach more people than a traditional in-person event. The main question on everyone’s mind now is, “How exactly do I plan and host a virtual event?”.

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At this point we have probably all used a fair share of virtual platforms, whether through working from home or connecting with friends and family. These virtual gatherings are small scale in comparison to some of the larger events that have also taken place this year, like live concerts and virtual runs. No matter the size of your virtual event these tips will help you plan and execute an engaging virtual event.

Planning Your Virtual Event

Just because the event is virtual, and people won’t be meeting in-person, doesn’t mean there is less planning. There are still quite a few things to consider and to think through to make the event successful.

  • Who will your target audience be?

  • What platform will you use?

  • What will set your event apart from others to make it unique and special?

  • Who will be hosting?

  • Where will you physically be when recording the event?

  • What time and date will you choose?

Promoting Your Virtual Event

To get the word out about your event you will want to make sure people know it is happening! There are quite a few ways to do this - using social media platforms is a must to reach your current following and future attendees. You'll want to create a campaign to keep your audience engaged and maybe have some of your volunteers, or those known in the community to help you spread the word. Don’t forget the most important part of promoting – a fun and unique hashtag!

If you already have an audience, or contacts from past events, sending emails about your event or useful information is a great way to build engagement. When promoting you can get people excited about the event by announcing speakers or hosts and gear that will be given away.

Custom items that your audience will love will help promote your event throughout the year by building brand awareness.

(Photo Credit: – 10 useful, fun, of just plain wacky virtual event deliveries)

Promotional Gear for Your Virtual Event

Set your virtual meeting apart by providing attendees with the perfect gear! I spoke with PromoSpark's sales rep Hanna who has been working with her clients on virtual events all year. She recommends choosing swag during the planning phase. Choosing items for a virtual event can be very similar to a non-virtual event – keep your audience in mind and consider what items would make the most impact. Our team can expertly assist you with this choice.

PromoSpark provides easy innovative services for distributing gear:

  1. Setup a custom webstore that your audience can access and choose what items they would like, and we will ship it directly to them (allow 2-3 weeks to set up.)

  2. You can provide us with a list of names, addresses, and once the gear is chosen, we will take care of producing and shipping.

Post Event

After the event it will be just as important to keep in touch with the attendees to make sure the message stuck and keep them engaged.

Start by sending a thank you email, letter, or gift to those who attended your online event. Continue to post on social media after the event and even consider doing some “lives” on Facebook and Instagram to keep people engaged.

Now that you have an idea of where to start, get going! There are plenty of opportunities out there to create a unique event that will have a lasting impression. With low cost, an expanded audience, and a seemingly limitless possibility of ideas, your virtual event is destined to be your best one yet.

Let's work together to make the most of your next virtual event!

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