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School Fun Run Ideas

Updated: Aug 20, 2019


A school fun run is a fantastic way to raise money for your school or programs within your school. There are many creative ways to host a fun run that makes raising money for an important cause inclusive to everyone. This is a way for students, teachers, faculty and the community to get involved in the values and mission of your school. Here are some simple ideas to help you brainstorm exactly what you want your fun run to look like.


This is a traditional way to get the entire school involved in fundraising. A track or path is needed for this Walk. The students need sponsors that agree to fund them based on the number of laps they walk. A way to boost the amount of money raised is to create a grand prize within the Walk. For example, the student who gets the most laps also wins a prize basket. The class who walks the most laps wins a pizza & pops party.


This is another traditional form of a fun run fundraiser. This is the same concept as the Walk-A-Thon except the participants are running. You could have these two events paralleled and give students the option of walking or running. This could look like having the running group at a different time than the walking group.

Themed Walk/Run-A-Thon

This is a creative element to include adding so much more FUN to your fun run or walk. A few ideas for this are a superhero walk or run. All participants can walk or run in their favorite superhero costume. Also, there could be a generic costume theme where participants can come dressed up as any character or thing. Themed Walks and Runs allow you to get creative with decorations and t-shirts. These fun runs give you room to create funny puns and sayings for t-shirts or banners.

Color Run

This is a fun way for students to get messy and do something most of them have never done before. This includes some sort of color supply like powdered chalk, paint, or color powder, which can be found in an art supply store or Amazon. A fun element is to have white t-shirts with your school’s logo and the year or a fun saying that goes with the theme of the run. After the color is tossed in the air the shirts will be all sorts of bright colors! These will create perfect photo opportunities.

Water Walk

A water walk is a walk that includes water activities. Some examples are water balloons, giant spray hoses, or water guns. The object of this walk is similar to the color run. It gives the students a fun way to participate in raising money for a good cause. This outside walk idea is perfect for a sunny hot day.

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