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  • Madeline Haney

Great Holiday Pop-Up Shops Made Easy

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Every year the holiday season seems to get more and more hectic. That's why we want to help you take advantage of any opportunity to save time and simplify your workload. This year, save yourself the stress by partnering with PromoSpark to utilize a custom holiday pop-up shop for all your organization's year-end gifting.

What is a Pop-Up Shop?

Tablet showing holiday gift store with gift basket gifts to redeem

A pop-up shop is a store open for only a short period of time. At PromoSpark, our pop-up shops are short term online stores designed for organizations to sell or distribute custom branded merchandise.

Here are just some of the pop-up stores we have created:

  • Corporate trade show swag redemption

  • Employee uniform bulk orders

  • Fundraising stores for schools and non-profits

  • And of course, Holiday Pop-Up Shops!

Why Use a Pop-Up Shop for Holiday Gifts?

Save Money

With an online short term pop-up shop, you can collect all the orders before you purchase. Collecting the order info ahead of time allows you to purchase exactly how many you need and avoid over-buying. This is especially helpful when gifting apparel which is difficult to predict the distribution of sizes ahead of time.

Avoid the Overflow Clutter

In addition to the money savings, buying the exact amount of gifts ordered means you can avoid managing extra inventory. With drop shipping through PromoSpark, you won't have to manage inventory at all! Users could enter their address online when redeeming their gifts and we ship it directly to them.

Save Time

If you are in charge of ordering and distributing the holiday gifts for your organization, you know how long it can take to find products in your budget that will deliver on time with the quantity you need. With a PromoSpark pop-up shop, we find the best products to meet your needs and use our software to easily get these gifts in the hands of your recipients. All of this allows you to spend your time on what you do best while we focus on the details.

open laptop with holiday lights around it, the screen reads employee holiday gifts

How Does a Pop-Up Shop Work?

With a PromoSpark pop-up shop, we want to make your holiday gifting as easy as possible:

  1. First you will meet with one of our account reps who will evaluate your needs.

  2. Then your rep will curate and present the products they know will make an impact.

  3. Once product selection is finalized, our team will build out your online store.

  4. With a quick turn around time, your finished pop-up shop can be sent out to your gift recipients along with redemption codes personalized to your needs.

  5. Holiday pop-up shops are typically open for 2-4 weeks to collect orders.

  6. Once orders are finalized, items are produced and delivered to the individuals!

Pop-Up Shop Features

Redemption Codes - Gift codes can be sent to your gift recipients that give them access to the pop-up shop and allow them to redeem their gift(s). These codes can be customized with unique permissions. For example, clients can receive a code which allows them to redeem a foodie gift basket, while employees receive a code for a branded jacket. Both of these codes can be entered on the same site, with unique products shown to each user type.

Redemption Kits - Redemption codes can also be customized to let users kit products together. For example, the redemption code can allow the user to redeem one t-shirt, one water bottle, and one hat. The codes can be created such that the user must get one of each of these rather than redeem multiple of one product.

Drop Shipping - As has been mentioned above, the drop shipping feature utilizes PromoSpark's software and production efficiencies to ship the gifts directly to your recipients all over the United States. Drop shipping is a great way to easily distribute gifts to remote workers or clients.

Ready to Build Your Holiday Pop-Up Shop?

Holiday pop-up shops will only be available for a limited time to ensure product delivery by the end of year. If you are looking for a way to save time, money, and stress this holiday season, we cannot recommend an easier way to get your gifts to the people who matter most. Contact us below to schedule a holiday store demo!

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