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Custom 5k Shirts - Fundraising Events for NonProfits

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

The time is here to reconnect as a community to bring about positive change. Make this summer the return and regrowth of your charity runs, outreach events, or volunteer projects. To help get you organized and prepared for your event we have assembled a list of possible customizable promotional goods you may want to incorporate into your next event.

crowd of runners


A common staple of 5k and charity run events, a custom race t-shirt can be included with sign up to attract more participants as well as an opportunity to raise additional funds by showcasing sponsors on the shirts.

man running in t-shirt

Classic. Affordable. Comfortable.


Heavy Cotton™ 100% Cotton T-Shirt


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Perfect for cool weather races or golf fundraisers, a quarter zip pullover offers the same opportunities as a promotional t-shirt for attracting participants and showcasing sponsors.

golf swing in quarter zip pullover

Performance. Quality. All Season.

Team 365

Performance Quarter-Zip