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Looking for Inexpensive Client Gift Ideas in 2022?

Want to get started with corporate gifting but on a limited budget? Have no fear! We have compiled a list of fun and inexpensive client gift ideas sure to impress in 2022. Keep scrolling to discover our top gift recommendations.

Man and woman exchanging a holiday gift

Why Give Client Gifts?

  • Maintain a relationship with clients on longer sales cycles

  • Promote your brand with lasting products

  • Use a "gift with purchase" strategy to drive sales

Client gifts can strengthen your business relationships and result in a major ROI. A common example of client gifting is realtor's gifts to home buyers/sellers. The gift expresses gratitude for the sale, celebrates the special occasion, and hopefully fosters the relationship for years until the client is ready to move again.

Buying in Bulk Saves in the Long Run

One way to bring down the cost of individual gifts is to spend more at once by buying in bulk. Even low quantity bulk purchases can really bring down the price per item compared to buying items one at a time as you need them.

Whether buying in bulk or one at a time, personalized gifts are a way to make a greater impact! No minimum personalized gifts are completely customizable to the individual. Whereas bulk personalized gifts (including drinkware, apparel, journals, and more) are typically personalized with recipient names added to a base design for an additional fee.

Client Gift Ideas - Inexpensive & Fun Gifts for 2022

laser engraved travel tumbler with logo and name personalization

Personalized Travel Tumblers

Drinkware is a popular gift option that doesn't have to break the bank. Look for non-brand name products to fit your budget while still getting high quality Stainless Steel dual-walled construction.

For only a few dollars more, personalize with the name of your recipients to really make an impact.

box of chocolate caramels with corporate sleeve

High End Candy

A sweet treat is a great way to get to a clients heart. Food gifts are great for clients with larger offices to share among the staff. In that case, consider a candy or treat tower.

Consider your delivery method and time of year when choosing your sweets, mailing chocolates to clients in summer may turn your gift into a mess.

Sustainable wine carrier with logo imprint

Bottle of Wine & Custom Carrier

Pair a nice bottle of wine with a branded carrier for an impressive client gift that shows you care. Consider this gift after closing a big deal, for personal milestones, or during the holiday season.

An insulated or sustainably made carrier can take your gift to the next level!

full color decorated portable charger and powerbank

Power Bank & Portable Charger

Surprise your clients with a fun and functional tech product such as a portable charger. This gift is something a client can use for years to come that they may not have thought to buy themselves.

Power banks come in hand during long flights, camping trips, or even during everyday adventures.

engraved charcuterie board with meats and cheeses

Engraved Charcuterie Board

Beautiful to look at and easily personalized, a charcuterie board is a great client gift. Enhance your gift with a selection of meats, cheeses, crackers, and more for a total charcuterie experience.

Charcuterie boards are a popular realtor gift for welcoming clients to their new homes.

two pickle ball paddles with custom logo design imprint

Custom Pickleball Paddle Set

Definitely a fun gift, pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports across the United States. If you are making new deals on the pickleball court, consider gifting a custom paddle set to new clients as you close the deal. Celebrate the success with a game!

branded quilted recycled blanket

Outdoor Blanket

A gift that encourages fun in the sun, outdoor blankets are available in a variety of sizes, materials, and colors to fit your branding and budget.

For the eco-friendly conscious, consider outdoor blankets made from recycled materials.

s'mores kit by a fire with a engraved lantern

Camping Kit - Lantern & S'mores Supplies

A warm and welcoming gift that won't break the bank. For clients with kids or a youthful spirit, a S'mores gift basket can be assembled with a quick trip to the grocery store.

Include a logo decorated lantern to make a lasting gift that showcases your brand.

3D wooden puzzle set in front of logo drawstring bag

Puzzles & Games

Engage your client's mind with some puzzles and games. Escape room gift certificates, 3D wooden puzzles, or yard games are all fun possibilities.

Make the games unique to your client with no minimum promotional products.

backpack cooler with logo screen print on front

Backpack Cooler

Great for workday lunches or some fun at the lake, a backpack cooler is an affordable and unique client gift. Tailor to the individual by filling it with a six-pack of your client's favorite drink.


Next Steps

Excited to grow your business and strengthen your relationships with client gifting? If you are interested in any of the gift ideas above or some other unique client gift, we are here to help! Your vision is our mission.

Keep an eye out for our 2022 Gift Guide coming soon!

NOTE: Be aware there have been delays in shipping and inventory shortages across the industry heading into the holiday season. The earlier you can begin the process with us the better we can navigate any uncertainties and ensure your order arrives with no stress. We're committed to our values and strive to "Always Deliver".

Let's work together to wow your clients with gifts on a budget!

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