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  • Madeline Haney

Online Company Stores - An Introduction to Webstores

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

It is easy to underestimate all the branded materials that contribute to making your organization a success. There is employee apparel, giveaway promotional products, employee recognition awards, and so much more.

Managing the ordering, purchasing, inventory, and delivery of all this custom apparel and merchandise takes away from running a productive and efficient organization, costing time and money. A company webstore is the solution to simplify the process.

Person pointing at laptop screen with webstore products displayed

What is a Company Webstore?

A webstore is a custom branded virtual company store for easy ordering of corporate apparel and custom merchandise. It operates as an ecommerce website built around your brand and flexible enough to be designed to your needs.

Employee retention and brand recognition are common pain points in the current corporate client. An online store website is one way to address both issues with one tool. A webstore is the ideal way to provide branded uniforms to your new employees, custom promotional products to your sales team, or rewards to your loyal customers.

How Does a Webstore Work?

When you create a custom webstore with PromoSpark you will work with one of our trusted account representatives who will navigate thousands of products to find the best options for your store. Then you can share the webstore with your employees or customers and we will manage every aspect of their orders.

3 coworkers wearing custom logo vests

What are the Benefits of a Webstore?

Gather Orders Easily

By using a custom webstore, employees or customers make all the choices for themselves through the site and the order info comes directly to us. This eliminates your headache of contacting everyone to gather sizes, styles, or shipping information.

No Need to Manage Inventory

Whether the store inventory is produced in bulk or on-demand, we are the ones who manage it. Gone are the days of ordering apparel in multiple sizes and styles without knowing who might want what. With a webstore, employees or customers get exactly what size/style they want, so there is no more wasted inventory sitting in the office storage room.

Maintain Brand Consistency

Consistency is the key to managing a well defined and recognizable brand identity. A webstore ensures everyone is ordering from the same source with the same logos, products, and colors.

One Solution for Multiple Pain Points

A custom webstore is designed to meet your needs, with the ability to solve multiple logistical issues through one site. Here are just some of the possible uses of a webstore:

woman using tablet to look at jacket with logo on webstore site
  • On Boarding Kits

  • New Employee Gear

  • Budgets per Department

  • Gift Codes

  • Employee Recognition

  • Customer Rewards

  • Corporate Gifting

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