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Showcase Your Brand - Company Uniforms with Logo

Looking to increase brand awareness and build loyal customers? Before your big advertising spend, consider custom uniforms. Branded uniforms are an effective way to reinforce your brand identity, create team unity, and build recognition in your industry.

Consider how customer interactions throughout the sales funnel can be enhanced with custom branded apparel. Something as simple as an embroidered logo on a polo allows the customer to visually connect the company brand to the representative they are working with.

2 professional men in custom logo shirts inspecting machinery

Benefits of Custom Uniforms

Brand Recognition - Uniforms in brand colors with the company logo reinforce the brand identity with customers, prospects, and partners. Consider some of the major worldwide brands in your life (Coca-Cola vs Pepsi, FedEx vs UPS, etc.), logos and colors are key visual tools companies use to differentiate themselves from competitors.

Brand Consistency - In order to grow recognition, the brand messaging needs to be consistent. Custom uniforms, such as logo embroidered jackets and polos, provide a consistent outward image. Employee provided uniforms with loose guidelines such as "all techs wear a blue polo" results in inconsistencies in shades and styles.

Establishes Authority - The result of improved recognition and consistency is an established authority in your industry. Think of all the interactions with a prospect as an opportunity to build trust in your brand. From marketing videos to one-on-one conversations, custom logo uniforms can connect these interactions and build brand authority.

man and woman in red logo embroidered polos at warehouse

Considerations in Choosing Uniforms

Company Culture - So many factors contribute to a company culture, in a broad sense is your company more of a corporate or casual environment? What types of items are employees expected to wear? Look to current office attire to inform your decisions.

Working Environment - The work environment will inform the choice of apparel based on performance. Are your employees working mostly in an office, out in the field, or on a factory floor? Another consideration is geographical location, workers in Florida won't need the same heavy coats that the office in Wyoming will need.

Job Functions - Related to working environment, different job functions will require different apparel. Both a sales representative and an installation technician work in the field, but their respective duties require differences in uniform apparel. Consult your team to know what they like and don't like about the performance of their current uniforms.

2 mechanics with logo work shirts inspecting a car part

Choose the Right Apparel for the Job

Corporate Office Uniforms - A more traditional office setting may not require branded uniforms every day but still offer custom company apparel to employees to wear as they like. Logo embroidered apparel is important for corporate events such as conferences, trade shows, and job fairs.

Corporate uniform pieces include dress shirts, polos, sweaters, and quarter zips. For a fun twist, consider custom dress socks or neck ties.

Factory & Manufacturing Uniforms - Performance is paramount in factory, special trades, and manufacturing jobs. Industrial uniforms contribute to worker safety by providing the right gear for the task at hand.

Uniform selection is specific to the needs of the industry but some general items to consider are work shirts, duck cloth jackets, ball caps, overalls, coveralls, and heavy duty t-shirts.

Service & Technician Uniforms - Technician and field service worker uniforms need to blend form and function to provide a polished look to customers while holding up to a tough, sometimes dirty job. For a role in which workers meet customers at their homes or businesses, custom branded uniforms provide a sense of security to customers that your employee is legitimate.

Field technicians and skilled tradespeople can benefit from logo embroidered jackets, custom moisture wicking polos, and high quality outdoor brands such as Carhartt & Eddie Bauer.

High Visibility Outdoor Uniforms - For construction workers and other similar positions, high visibility clothing is a major safety requirement. The safety apparel can also be customized by adding the company logo to a hi-vis vest or jacket. Customization can create clarity on a busy job site with multiple contractors, all wearing similar garments.

Consider all weather protection as well as ANSI compliance to ensure the proper uniform for the job. Rain resistant jackets, vests, shirts, and hats can all be customized while still compliant.

Casual Start-Up Uniforms - New start-ups often aim for a youthful and unique company culture with heavy emphasis on building brand awareness. Start-up staples include custom hoodies and t-shirts. Consider something unique with customized board shorts, hooded blankets, bucket hats, or tie dye apparel.

Wait Staff Uniforms - Restaurant and food service uniforms vary greatly based on restaurant atmosphere. A fast casual restaurant might favor custom t-shirts compared to fine dining's more formal embroidered button ups. If you are looking for unique server uniforms consider embroidered aprons, denim, or plaid oxford button ups.

Medical Uniforms - Scrubs, lab coats, and surgical caps can all be logo customized. The branded medical apparel builds company awareness and establishes your organization as a health care authority.

Next Steps

Ready to upgrade your company uniforms? We are always ready to act as trusted partners to find the perfect match for your brand. We have experience in bulk buys and on-demand online uniform webstores.

NOTE: Be aware there have been delays in shipping and inventory shortages across the industry due to Covid-19. The earlier you can begin the process with us the better we can navigate any uncertainties and ensure your order arrives with no stress.

Let's work together to showcase your brand through new custom uniforms!

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