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Top 50 Holiday Gifts of 2020 – Staff Picks!

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

PromoSpark has a really great sales team (sure we may be biased) but we have seen time and time again that their ideas, product choices and ability to help guide customers is outmatched. You can go here to meet each one!

We asked our sales team to suggest some great holiday gifts for employees or customers and to give us a little insight as to why they chose these items. See below for a few picks from each person.

"Beautiful gift set, perfect for outdoor activities and occasions" - Emily Dennis

"Great gift set for the wine lovers out there!"

-Thomas Raleigh

"Super cool and unique wine bottle cooler!"

- Thomas Raleigh

"I also have these and they are great for wine, lemonade and hot tea. I use daily for any drink!" - Sarah Johnston

"This gift set has something for everyone and gives you 5 opportunities to promote your brand." - Hanna Byrd

"A great all in one set for a business looking for easy onboarding ideas. Great items at a great price"

- Rebekah Barnett

"Quality that compares to some of the best known retail brands, but at a budget friendly price."

-David Monaghan

Great for camping, picnics or time spent outdoors or on the move.

- David Monaghan

"I love the look of this tumbler, looks expensive at a very affordable price." - Emily Dennis

"Just like the smaller version of this tumbler, these are retail and high end quality without breaking the budget"

- David Monaghan

"High quality glass tumbler, love the protective silicone boot, easy to clean and stain free." - Emily Dennis

"These water bottles are modern and practical. They come packaged in a gift box making gift giving easier!" - Hanna Byrd

"Screw off the bottom cup and you have a first aid kit hidden in the bottom of your bottle. Also doubles as a cup to share with a friend or your pup on the trail."

Thomas Raleigh

"This is perfect for people who love the outdoors. Use this as a cooler or a grill while camping!" - Hanna Byrd

"Tired of sitting inside all day? What better way to get outside and relax than taking a nap in a hammock."

-Thomas Raleigh

"Whether you're sitting around a fire or your kids sports game - be COMFORTABLE!"

- Thomas Raleigh

"No need to leave your seat - take advantage of the built in cooler in the armrest." - Thomas Raleigh

"Super cool light/charger combo for when you're outdoors or the power goes out. Comes with 3 detachable lights you can pass out."

- Thomas Raleigh

"This is one of the most used products in my house. Inside and outside. Lightweight and easy care." - Sarah Johnston

"Perfect sized cooler, great quality!" - Emily Dennis

"Built to last, this cooler is perfect for daytrips or picnics."

-David Monaghan

"Just got it, used it the first day and absolutely love. Colors are fun, pack is roomy but not too large and it goes with just about anything." - Sarah Johnston

"This backpack is super fun because no bag is the same. Each one has a different color scheme so be prepared for a total surprise!" - Hanna Byrd

"Really cool bag to help get you outdoors and enjoy it while you're there." - Thomas Raleigh

"Awesome backpack, great for work or travel. So easy to pack since it fully unzips, also very comfortable to carry with its padded straps. I take it everywhere."

-Emily Dennis

"Ultra-versatile and comfortable to carry. This high end back pack will hold everything you need for your next hike or outdoors weekend getaway."

- David Monaghan

"It’s practical, a portion of the proceed go back to the Red Cross and it’s something that is useful with kids at home." - Sarah Johnston

"Most comfortable and light weight face mask, that passes the candle test. Holds up great in the wash as well!" - Emily Dennis

"A practical gift for the person on the move to stay safe as we navigate through today's challenging times."

-David Monaghan

"Love herbs all year round…especially ones that I will use. Super creative and great price point." - Sarah Johnston

"I love a gift that can be used for more than one purpose. Everyone loves getting candles and then when the candle burns out you can grow a plant!"

-Rebekah Barnett

"With hand washing becoming more important than ever this year, this gift set is a practical way to thank employees or customers." - Hanna Byrd

"With more people packing their lunch, the bento box is a perfect gift idea." - Hanna Byrd

"Extremely functional lunch packing set. 1% of sales of this product go to non profits helping the planet." - Emily Dennis

"This collapsible popcorn bowl provides the immediate satisfaction of microwave popcorn in an eco-friendly, waste-free format." - Hanna Byrd

"Oh…another bluetooth speaker. Cool! But seriously…this one is awesome. Incredible sound and awesome branding capabilities with this one. Did we mention it also charges your phone?" - Thomas Raleigh

"Charge up to 5 phones with this wireless charging pad! If you don't have a charging cord, no problem, just set your phone on the pad and it will charge wirelessly!" - Hanna Byrd

"This durable speaker looks slick and provides great sound quality."

- David Monaghan

"This customized journal and pen set comes in it's presentation box and will make a great gift for your clients or employees."

-David Monaghan

"High perceived value for a good price point, durable and unique." - Sarah Johnston

"Just got this too and it’s great! Can dress up or down. Great fit and it’s the perfect weight. Comes in men’s and ladies." - Sarah Johnston

""Shirt Jackets" are super hot in the market right now. Not only are you getting a huge name brand, but you're not breaking the bank either!" - Thomas Raleigh

"This jacket is so cozy it is the perfect gift to give for employees staying at home or still coming into the office. It can easily be worn dressed up or down"

- Rebekah Barnett

"Makes packing and staying organized easy."

- Emily Dennis

"Wear this shirt to the office or to go out with your friends! It's lightweight, durable and super comfortable!" - Hanna Byrd

"Much like the men's version you can wear this in any setting and the curved hem at the bottom makes this shirt look good tucked in or left out" - Hanna Byrd

"A warm, plush blanket is a great gift for anyone as we head into fall and winter months."

- David Monaghan

"You can never have too many blankets. The thing that I love about this one is it's extra large size but not an oversized price."

- David Monaghan

"This is one of the softest blankets I've ever felt! You can't go wrong with giving a blanket for a gift." - Hanna Byrd

"This is one of the best fitting, softest t-shirts currently available. It will quickly become your go-to every time!"

- David Monaghan

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