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25 Custom Promotional Products with No Minimums

Updated: Mar 6

Promotional products are a great marketing investment with one of the lowest cost per impression in marketing. When we talk about promo products we are referring to those items that you can imprint your logo and branding on to use for prospecting, event giveaways, employee & customer gifts, or items to use around the office.

The barrier that stops many businesses from utilizing promotional goods as a sales & marketing tool is dreaded minimums. With high minimums these low cost items may end up costing more than anticipated or leaving you with unused merchandise.

We've put together this list of trending products with little to no minimum that are great for large or small businesses. Whether you're looking for unique corporate gifts or launching your next promotion this list is a great place to start for no minimum promotional items.

Tech Products

branded speaker on desk with full color imprint

1. Mini Sono Speaker

Compact bluetooth speaker that has a great sound that can be used at home or on the road. With a minimum as low as 1 and no set up fees these are the perfect for personalized gifts.

woman with wireless earbuds making a call

2. Wireless Earbuds

Outfitted with silicone ear tips and connected by a single sports performance style cord, these buds rest comfortably and will never lose each other. Full color digital imprint on dome allows for total customization.

large imprint wall charger plugged in with usb cords

3. 4Corners Wall Charger

Easily charge up to 4 devices at once with this quick USB wall charger. These custom charger stations can be utilized in a shared space office setting or during those long meetings when everyone needs to charge their devices at the same time.

port adapter with logo plugged into laptop

4. Port Adapter

Plug in and charge more devices at once. The adapter comes with 1 HDMI port, 2 USB ports, 1 Micro port, and a type- C cable. A sleek branded product, this adapter can be given as part of an employee on-boarding kit or in a giveaway promotion.