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  • Madeline Haney

No Minimum Personalized Gifts for Work From Home Employees

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Whether your team is working entirely from home or a hybrid schedule, equip them with the tools to make work from home more enjoyable and productive. A messy workspace at home can be a source of stress, even off the clock. Famed tidy expert, Marie Kondo explains how a calm and organized work from home environment leads to greater productivity and joy.

To help bring joy to the work at home experience, we have curated a list of the 10 best gifts to improve your team's home workspace. The best part? No minimums! Which means every item can be personalized to the individual.

Control the Cords

Our first three gift recommendations manage the growing number of electronics cords in our lives. Laptops, smartphones, and smart watches are just some of the electronics many of us are charging everyday, increasing our clutter.

hand placing phone on wireless charging station

Docksy Charging Station

The Docksy is a three-in-one charging solution for your smartphone, smart watch, and earbuds. It is designed to hide the smart watch and earbuds charging cords while wirelessly charging the smartphone.

two cords resting in cord organizer attached to side of table

CableCatch Cord Organizer

CableCatch neatly and unobtrusively organizes cables, headphones, and other cords through the use of silicone notches. It easily adheres to a desk or side table for an instantly tidier space.

cord connector connecting smartphone to laptop

Calimari-C Connector Cord

The perfect tool for charging multiple devices without the need for multiple cords. The Calimari-C Connector comes with an Apple-certified MFI Lightning tip and the new USB-C tip in addition to the standard USB and 2 micro-USB.

Unplug For Awhile

Spending all day everyday inside and in front of a screen can be a drain on morale, motivation, and productivity. Our next set of home office gift ideas encourage some offline time. If the weather is right, work from home just might become work from the park.