How does the process start?

The embroidery process starts out the same way as screen printing; with a design created in Illustrator. That design is then digitized. Digitizing is the process of creating a sewing path for an embroidery machine. It creates a path for each thread color and each part of the design. The digitized design is programmed into the embroidery machine which follows the file directions and sews the design onto the item.

Digitized pth versus final design

Embroidery Machine

What Affects Pricing?

Custom embroidery is a great option for making apparel or promotional products your own. Here’s what affects pricing:

  • Colors do not affect pricing. You can use up to 9 colors in an embroidery design.
  • Stitch count does affect pricing. The larger a design, the more stitches.
  • Number of locations does increase pricing

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