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Company Store Questions?

Overwhelmed & excited by the possibilities for your own company webstore? We are always happy to talk one-on-one! In the meantime, we've compiled some of the most frequently asked questions and answered them below.

How long does it take to build a company store?

The timeline to create company stores varies based on the complexities of the site. The earlier you can begin the process with us the better we can create the store to meet your ideal delivery dates without stress.

How much design input do you have on the site?

Your vision is our mission! We are here to execute your vision for your company store and your branded merchandise. You will always get final proof approval before the site goes live and before merchandise is produced. 

How often can you add items to your store?

Every store program is unique to best meet the needs of the client. With that said, product/item adds are typically available on a quarterly basis for continually running stores. 

Is merchandise produced in bulk or on-demand?

For company stores, PromoSpark can bulk produce items which are then added to managed inventory or we can create products on-demand as they are ordered. You and your account rep will determine what production style works for best for your store needs. 

Can your store be based on points rather than dollars?

Similar to gift codes, it depends on the tier and configuration of your store. We do offer a point based store that current customers have used for employee birthdays, anniversaries, and rewards. 

Who handles customer service calls and employee questions?

PromoSpark handles customer service inquiries for all of our online company stores. When launching a new store, we typically work with the client to send out an announcement email to their employees (if applicable). 

How many products can you have on the store?

PromoSpark provides a tiered approach to company stores in which some stores may have a limit on number of products. Your account rep will work with you to discover the store level which best meets your needs. 

What are the store set up fees?

The set up fee and additional monthly charges vary based on the nature of the store. We use a tiered system to adjust the price based on the complexity of the store. We do this so you don't have to pay extra for services you don't use. 

Who adds items to your store?

The item addition process begins with a conversation between client and account rep. Once item selection has be finalized between the client and rep, our web design team will add the products to the site. 

Are gift codes available?

Depending on the tier and configuration of your store, gift codes are an available feature on your store.

Can a store be temporary?

Yes, every program is built unique to the client's needs, including store duration. We have extensive experience in both ordering period stores and continuously open stores. 

Is it possible to embed the store into your intranet or website?

Yes! PromoSpark already has clients who host their stores as sub domains of their main site.


Still Have Questions?

Fill out our company webstore form and one of our expert account reps will provide all the answers you're looking for. 

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