Challenge: Choose apparel options that meet the needs and likes of employees across each branch. Reduce admin workload relating to apparel orders. Streamline employee apparel ordering process for 20+ branches nationwide.

Solution: Surveyed employees to select apparel they would actually wear. Implemented online ordering making it quick and easy for each branch.


cart-square-green Online Ordering

PromoSpark created a free custom website complete with payroll deduction so each branch could place its own orders. This eliminated ordering via email and excel.

truck-square-blue Drop-ship to each branch location

PromoSpark quickly filled and shipped orders to each individual branch location, saving admin time sorting, re-boxing and shipping again.

polo-square-orange Apparel Selection

In order to make sure the apparel selected met the needs of all employees, PromoSpark created and distributed a survey, using the results to select apparel that was functional, stylish and budget friendly.

Print Results


PromoSpark streamlined ordering with a free, custom online web store. Delivery was quick with drop shipments to each branch location. Employment engagement increased due to selection of apparel offered.

• Time Saved = 25+ hours

• Money Saved = $2,500+

“I want to thank you for your superior customer service and knowledge through our very large and ongoing apparel order.  The online store was an awesome feature! The administrative side of things was handled systematically and trouble free! PromoSpark was there every step of the way from helping us pick out the apparel items to finalizing the orders. Thank you!”

– June T., Regional Assistant