Challenge: First, increase spiritwear sales without buying inventory.  Second, develop easy parent/student ordering with quick production and high print quality.

Solution: Establish ordering period to increase sales, provide ongoing order support and design online store.


Increased School Sales

PromoSpark helped the PTO increase spiritwear revenue by setting up a specific ordering period.  This created a sense of urgency and more orders were placed than if there were no order deadlines.  Sales of $4,400.00 in spiritwear were sold compared to $1,900, which resulted in a 57% increase and greater profit for the PTO.


Custom Online Stores

PromoSpark created a custom-online store so parents could easily place and pay for orders.  No more order forms, collecting checks or dealing with the hassle of bulk ordering.  In addition, there were zero online processing fees.


Free Shipping and Guaranteed Delivery Dates

Compared to competition, PromoSpark provided significantly faster turnaround with guaranteed delivery dates and free shipping.  No more guessing when your order will arrive.  PromoSpark also provides order updates.


Print Results

Spiritwear arrives bagged and sorted by individual order, thus saving PTO hours of labor sorting.  We can even group by teacher.  Through a streamlined process, PromoSpark increased spiritwear revenue by 57% and profit by 17%.