Challenge: Provide apparel and merchandise for a wellness program and deliver to individual branches nationwide.

Solution: Created a drop-ship program with a custom website that allowed different branches to place orders for their particular store. Eliminated admin time sorting, re-boxing and re-shipping nationwide.


Online Ordering

PromoSpark created a custom website where branch managers could order apparel and promotional products for their branch.

shipping-square-green Drop-ship to each branch location

PromoSpark quickly filled and shipped orders to each individual branch location, saving admin time sorting, re-boxing and shipping again.


Print Results

PromoSpark streamlined the order and delivery process through online ordering and drop shipment to individual branches.  This saved admin time by eliminating the need to sort, re-box, and re-ship orders.

• Time Saved = 10+ hours

• Money Saved = $1,450


PromoSpark is my go-to resource for Kroger apparel and promotional items.  I use their services both for Kroger  as well as for a charity that I work with.  They are great at providing ideas and options for any challenge I give them.  Regardless of the size of the order or the complexity of the project, they always provide responsive service and quality products at competitive prices.  I highly recommend this company!

– Megan, Kroger